Q: How can I verify my registration?

A: Head over to our race registration site. Log into your account, then check your account details by clicking on My    

    Account in the top right corner of your browser.




Q: Something came up and I can't run. Can I get a refund?

A:  We’re sorry to hear that and hope you can join us again next year. All participant entries are non-transferable and non-

     refundable according to USATF rules.




Q: Will you email me more information closer to the event?

A:  We sure will! One month before the event, we’ll start sending you emails with everything you need to know to get prepped          for race day. Make sure to add us to your safe-sender list so you can stay in the loop.




Q: Are there toilets and water stations on the course?

A:  Tons of them, because when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Q: Are baby strollers permitted?

A: Only on the 5k, and you must start at the back of the corral. This helps ensure the safety of runners. Under no

    circumstances may any stroller enter the half marathon course.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Sorry, no dogs are allowed.

Q: Do you comp elite runners?

A: We provide comp entries to half marathon runners who have proven race times within the previous year under 1:15 for men and 1:23 for women.  Simply email jennifer@kozevents.com with your information. You know who you are.




Q: Can I use multiple discount codes?

A:  One code per registration, please. You can add it during the checkout process.



Q: Why does my GPS say the course is longer/shorter than stated?

A:  On race day, if the distance shown on your device is slightly more than the official race distance, it just means you weren’t

     cutting corners—quite literally. According to the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) course

     measurement guidelines (pg. 20), a road race course is defined by the shortest possible route a runner could take without

     being disqualified. After the race, if your device shows that you ran a little farther, this just accounts for extra steps you took

     to run around other participants, obstacles, hit a water stop, port-o-potty or stayed to the middle or outside lane. Another

     thing to consider it that with your step device needs to be constantly connected to satellites to get a proper read.

Q: What's your cancellation policy?

A: The expense to stage this event remains the same whether the entrant runs the race, is a no-show or wishes to cancel.

     Every entrant fee has been factored into costs (insurance, shirts, medals, security, medical, permit, etc.) and donations

     to charities of our choice. No refunds, exchanges, rollovers, deferrals or transfers. 


Q: Can I assist a participant in the Green Mile on the course without having to register?

A: No one may be on the course without some form of registration and waiver. We hope you will register for our incredibly low
     price and enjoy the T-shirt, medal and more. If not, please contact the organization who represents your participant. They
     will give you a special code to register as a Volunteer Green Mile Assistant.